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Square dancing is a perfect event for your office, production company, or organization! It's a lively, low pressure way to bring people together that builds connection naturally. Great for:

  • *Staff team-building
  • *Holiday parties
  • *Production wrap parties
  • *Membership events
  • *Family friendly company events

Paul will walk your group through the moves, and then get everyone dancing! Participants can dance, watch, or do a little of both. Dancers work together in their square and change partners frequently, and since no one is performing in front of a group even reluctant dancers won't feel put on the spot. Paul's teaching is quick and effective, and his relaxed personality will put everyone at ease.

Visit the Square Dance page for more information, including testimonials and videos!

At a glance:

  • *Paul will provide the band and a PA system suitable for up to 100 dancers.
  • *You provide a venue with a non-carpeted floor, approximately 6 to 8 square feet per dancer.
  • *The band will need access to an outlet or extension cord and 30 minutes of set up time.
  • *Live music makes these events especially memorable! However, for groups under 25 people, feel free to ask about a recorded-music option.

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